President's Message

President's Message

December 2021

Hi all,

I hope you all had a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving! Two of my boys and their families were here with me, so mine was filled with family and food. Jim had to work so he had to stay in New Orleans but he did have Thanksgiving dinner with many of his friends.

I am so pleased with my "natural findings" tree and so grateful to Vivian for teaching us how to create one as well as supplying me with a plethora of cones, gum balls and various other natural decorations. Many thanks Vivian. A special thanks to Trish for her contribution. I just love those shaggy acorn caps.

Next month Les will be teaching, can't wait to see what she will come up with. Y'all be sure to tune in and paint with us. Should be fun!!!!!!

Sharron will be conducting our annual ornament exchange. We have such a creative group and it is always fun to see what we have each come up with. Get those ornies mailed if you haven't done so already.

This the end of my tenure as your president. I can truly say it has been an honor to work with my excellent and dedicated board. Margaret has been a truly diligent newsletter editor and I thank her for keeping me on track. She also came through when I called upon her to write an article for the SDP magazine. Heather has worked hard to organize our monthly projects and keep track of our membership. Pat has done a wonderful job of taking the minutes and making sense of some of my ramblings. Trish has been one of my "rocks" during this trying time and she has been able to tell me what I can and can't do as far as the Treasury goes. She is also a fount of knowledge when it comes to procedures and how our bylaws and standing rules work. Sharron Jones also deserves my thanks. She has managed to raise our spirits and through her we have gotten to know and appreciate each other much better. Many, many THANKS to all of you!!!

I want to again thank those magnificent ladies who stepped up and volunteered to be officers for the next round; Mary Webb, Jean Soehnlein, Vicki Michael, Sue Harley, Vivian Byrd, and Diane Cantoni. Can't forget Les Tryon who single handedly put together this slate of officers. Many thanks to all of you also!!!!

Last of all I want to remember and to thank our friend and fellow painter, Susan Tesreau. Gone but never forgotten.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.



November 2021

Hi all,

I just wanted to mention the passing our friend, fellow artist and one of the rocks of our chapter during the last few years. Susan Tesreau was an amazing artist, sculptor, and a good friend. Her love of life and her willingness to give of herself and her talent will endear her to me for the rest of my life. There will always be an empty spot in my heart. 

Many thanks to Sharron, our Sunshine Chair, for stepping up and writing a wonderful article for The Decorative Painter about Susan. 

As we all know life goes on and our life as a painting chapter will go on also thanks to the magnificent ladies who volunteered to be our officers for the next two years. Please join us on Zoom on November 20th to vote in the slate of officers. 

Also at this meeting, Vivian Byrd will be showing us how to create a beautiful pinecone (and other found stuff) tree. I am looking forward to learning how to do this and to seeing what we all come up with. 

Our thanks to Les for stepping up and volunteering to teach the SDP project "Snow Days" for December. I KNOW she will put her special twists and tweaks on it. Y'all come and join us to paint with Les and see what she will come up with.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Stay safe and well and keep those brushes busy!!!!!!!

October 2021

Happy fall y'all!!!! Tis the season and my favorite time of year!!!!! 

Many many thanks to Cyndie for teaching the "Boo Bunnies". I've seen some of the pictures of the projects and they are so cute!!!!!!!

So sorry about the meeting! Something or other (I think the wishes of an ill-natured fairy) got into my tablet and the dang thing just wouldn't connect. Of course, when Mike got up and laid his hands on it, guess what???  

In any case I'm glad that Les got to talk about her idea. I think having free membership dues for next year is a great idea!!!! We will vote on this proposal in October. This will not help spend down our treasury but it won't add anything either. Stay tuned! 

Please make plans to attend the meetings!!! You are needed to help make decisions for next year! Your slate of officers for the coming two years is published in this newsletter. We vote in November. 

Painting gnomes with Debbie is on the schedule for next month! I love gnomes and am looking forward to it. Get those paint brushes ready!!!!

 Stay safe, masked, and well!!!!

Keeping painting!!!!!


September 2021

Hi all,

Many thanks to Lillian for the idea to have Tracy teach and many more thanks to Susan who made it happen!!!!  It was fun and I really like the design.  Mine turned out nicely for a change. 

Huge, engulfing thanks to Les.  She has found us wonderful slate of officers for the next two years. 

President- Mary Webb

Vice-president (membership)-Jean Soehnlein, Monthly projects-Diane Cantoni

Vice-president (newsletter) - Vicki Michael

Secretary-Vivian Byrd

Treasurer-Sue Harley

 Many, many, many thanks to these volunteers!  Thanks for stepping up!!!!!!!

We will be voting in November! 

We will have a business meeting at our September Zoom session before we get down to painting the Boo Bunnies with Cindy Cohn.  Please try to attend.  All you really have to do is click on the link that Susan will send, she will let you into the meeting and that's it.  Your part is to participate and find out what is happening.

 I'm looking forward to fall and cooler weather!  Hope all are well and staying cool!!!! 😎

Keeping painting!!!!!


August 2021

Many, many, many thanks to Liz. That was an interesting, informative and fun project. I think the whimsy got away with me. My chicks were sure whimsical but not very pretty. I do love doing the watercolor backgrounds and use the technique a lot. I'll try again when I learn how to draw chickens😉

Susan also deserves a bunch of thanks!!!!! She has contacted Tracy and asked her to revamp the project a bit. Can't wait to see what she will add (or subtract). In any case the seminar is coming up and Trish tells me there are only TEN signed up. We can do better than that. The chapter is paying half of the bill so grab that check book and send a $20 check to Trish right away. Time's a wasting!!!!!!! We can still paint together even if we aren't in the same space.

We still need a nominating committee. Please volunteer to find us officers for the next two years. If you feel so inclined, let me know! The board and I will be so grateful 😊!

Hope all are well and safe. Please keep Diane Cannon and her husband, John in your thoughts and send all the healing vibes you can muster their way.

See you ALL in August!!!!!


July 2021
Hi everyone!

First of all, let me say a huge THANKS to Trish. The chickadee was so cute and I truly thank you for sharing your talents with us. Mine, as usual, turned out a bit wonky but it is passable and I like it! 

It was so good to see those of you who attended the Saturday meeting. I have missed you all so much. 

The subject of meeting in person has come up. The general consensus of the ladies at the meeting was to keep on with our Zoom meetings as all of our projects for the rest of the year have been scheduled on Zoom. We are working on finding a place to meet socially. More on that soon. Susan and Mary are collaborating and I'm sure will be back in touch as soon as they can. 

I'm looking forward to Liz's project for next month. CHICKENS!! Rustle up those chalk pencils and come join us. 

Keep on keeping on and paint!!!🎨🖌


June 2021

First of all, a huge THANKS goes to Susan!!! The turtles were the great. They also served as great therapy.

My 50+ year old azaleas had to be cut down. They were planted by my dad and they faithfully bloomed a beautiful white every year. I loved them!!! I couldn't watch the destruction so I came back inside and furiously made turtles. It helped!!! We didn't dig up the roots, so going on the premise that you can't keep a good azalea down, I am waiting for them to sprout new branches and will bloom again. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!

And in other news, Tracy Moreau will be teaching the August project. Many thanks to Susan and Lillian for the suggestion. Many more thanks to Susan for contacting her. Those of you who were not at the Saturday meeting missed a treat. Susan had arranged for Tracy to drop in on the meeting. She showed us a sketch of what she was going to design for us. So cute!!!! The board has decided that the chapter will pay half of her fee which is $40 per student depending on how many sign up. Please send your $20 to Trish Shaw ASAP if you wish to participate. I'm sure that Susan will have more details soon.

Keep those brushes wet.


May 2021

Hi all!!!

What a fun seminar!!!!! I truly enjoyed everything but that dang turtle. He is a do over for sure!!!!!!

I love color and this was a great way to play with it and get to know what the water will do. 

Many and many thanks to Susan!!! She sure knows her way around a computer! I am always so impressed by her knowledge of techie stuff. Thanks for keeping us on track!!! 

Be sure to join us in May. Susan is going to show us how to make those cute turtles out of gourds.

I'm looking forward to it. I love turtles (except painted sea turtles)! 

Thanks to all who participate in our Zoom meetings and paint ins! It is so nice to see your faces and to know that we are together at least virtually. Hope all stay well!!!! 

Keep painting!


April 2021

Hi all,

Hope everyone is healthy and happily painting!!!

Huge THANKS to Susan!!! That was a fun class and she managed it so well!!!  I, struggled a bit but perseverance paid off and the resulting piece is OK!! I did try again and at least the lighthouse doesn't look as if it is falling on the rocks anymore.

Hope you all are prepping for our seminar with Carol Spohn. It's FREE to all members in good standing so grab your paints, brushes and decoupage stuff and join us. I am looking forward to seeing all of you and having a fun time. Please remember to let Susan know if you are going to paint with us. She has done an enormous amount of work and talked to Carol many times to try and make this a great experience. Hope to see you there!!!!!!

Plans for meeting in person are not in the works just yet, but there is hope that that might be possible before the end of the year. I will keep you informed!!!!!

In the meantime, y'all stay well and keep painting!!!!


March 2021

Hi all,

Many, many, many thanks to Lillian!!!! That was a spectacular project and Lillian is a fabulous teacher!!!  At last, we know how to create those beautiful gems that we have been drooling over for months.  I appreciate all the hours that it must have taken for that level of preparation.  It was creative, fun, and beautiful.  Well, Lillian's were beautiful, I need more practice and I am planning on doing just that!!!!!!!

 Thanks again to Margaret for the wonderful article in the Decorative Painter.  Great job!!

 As always, THANKS to Sharron and Susan.  Our two rocks!!!  Not sure we could have made it through this last year without you!

 Next month we get to paint with Susan.  Looks like a fun project with many different techniques.

Y'all tune in and come paint with us!!!!

 Stay warm, well and get that vaccine when you can!!!!



February 2021

Hi all,

I hope all are well and thriving. Or as much thriving as you can do in the cold.

 Well, Margaret has sprung the good news! A few weeks ago, SDP sent out an email requesting information on how our chapter has managed over the past year and what we have been doing to keep connected. I thought this over and decided to ask Margaret if she was willing to employ her considerable writing skills on this task. She almost immediately replied with a beautifully written paragraph on the subject. I put her name on it and sent it to SDP. Several days went past and the person responsible for the communication with the chapters replied and asked for pictures to go with the article. Again, I called upon our intrepid Margaret. She came up with several pictures of our recent Zoom projects along with the teacher/designer's name for each one. I sent those in. Last week, I got another email from SDP saying that they were going to use the article in this upcoming edition of the Decorative Painter magazine. So, look for it and be sure to thank Margaret!!!

 Thanks also go out to Trish for going ahead with the clean out of the attic space at Liz's studio. Trish spent one day last week cleaning and sorting out books, papers and other stuff on our shelf. I had forgotten all about that project. So, thanks again, Trish!!!!!

 And once more we have Margaret to thank. The watercolor class was wonderful. Her design, directions and execution of the painting were so well done. There were a variety of surfaces used and they all turned out very well. I even like my attempt (unusual)!

 Y'all stay warm, hope for some snow this winter, and keep painting!!!!!!!



January 2021

          Hi all,

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! 2021 HAS to be better!!!! 

It was so great to see everyone that made it to the Zoom Christmas party. Thanks for coming and participating! Gynormous thanks to Susan and Sharron! 

Gynormous thanks to Margaret, also. Her work and presentation of SDP's Sandy Cane project was stupendous. I painted it in watercolor. Actually, after it was done, it wasn't too bad. I liked Heather's addition of a palm tree. 🌴  It really helped. I was happy to see the people that turned out.

We have some wonderful projects lined up for the coming year. Y'all try to tune in!!!! Margaret is teaching a beautiful watercolor landscape in January. Lillian is teaching Zentangle and a technique to use colored pencils to make a jewel that looks real. I'm not going to miss that! It looks spectacular. Look for more projects in this newsletter.

As you have probably heard by now, the chapter is giving the upcoming Carol Spohn Zoom seminar free to all members in good standing (6 months or more). Susan will have more on this as we get closer.

Hope all are well and are in good spirits (no not THAT kind, the Christmas kind)!!!!!

Love and virtual hugs to all and to all a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR!!!!


December 2020

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I did!!!!  My oldest son, Jim, drove up from New Orleans to spend a few days with us.  It was great to see him and to hear about all his adventures.  NOLA must be an exciting place to live when there is no Covid 19 around. 

Many thanks to Heather once again!!! Her kissing ball is beautiful.  Mine????? It will get better once I fill it out with some more stuff. Thanks for sharing your expertise. 

December's party is beckoning.  I'm looking forward to our virtual Dirty Santa game.  I am not looking forward to missing out on all the excellent treats that we usually get to eat.  I'm also going to be missing our annual trip to Mary's beautiful house. Perhaps Mary will take us on a virtual tour of the decorations this year. (HINT!!!!!)  Sharron has worked hard on the games so we ALL need to participate. 

Don't forget to pay chapter and SDP dues. 

See you all soon!!!!!

November 2020

Hi all,

First of all Heather gets a HUGE thanks!!!!  Her pergamano project was fun.  My shade came out a bit wonky but looks great when I finally found a wine glass to fit it. Guess I went about it the wrong way around. And this is different from when????????? 

Sharron also gets another giant thanks!!!!  I've enjoyed reading all of the responses and threads of conversation. She has played such a large part in keeping us all connected. She is also planning the games and gift exchange for our virtual Christmas party. Please be prepared to contribute. THANKS!!!!! 

Please be sure to attend our Zoom meeting in November. We will be voting on the slate of officers. Many thanks to all those who have volunteered for the various committees and offices. There will not be a change this year but we do need to make it formal. 

Please remember to pay your chapter and SDP dues. 

I hope all are well and staying safe. I know we are all looking forward to the time when we can see each other in person. Big virtual hugs to all!!!!!!!!


October 2020

Hi all,

First off, let's give a huge "THANKS" to Debbie!!! The snowman is so cute and that project was a lot of fun. I've got another set of glassware and am going to try to recreate her scarecrow. I'll let you know how that goes🙄!

Also a GIANT "THANKS" to Sharron. She has been and continues to be the glue that is keeping us together! She has also been a balm to our spirits by her games and topics for discussion. I know it has been some hard work and I do appreciate all of it.

I think our Zoom meetings are wonderful and seem to be a great way of keeping in touch. However we do need a method and a way to impose some order. The meetings will start at 9am as usual and there will be 1/2 hour  for Susan to let everyone into the meeting. We can also spend this time on catching up with each other and general "chitchat". I will call the meeting to order at 9:30am and will call on all officers to report any good or bad news related to their offices. This part of the meeting will NOT be recorded by Susan. Of course our secretary will be taking notes for the minutes. I will then turn the meeting over to the project teacher. This WILL BE recorded and I'm asking each of you to keep your questions pertainate to the project at hand. 

Please make sure to tune into our next meeting on October 17th. Heather will be presenting her project, a Pergamano wine glass and tea light lamp shade. Looks like fun and will be very helpful during the holidays as I love to decorate with candles. I hope all will attend!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for more details on our up coming Christmas virtual party. Sharron will be letting us know the details soon.

I hope all are well and staying safe. I am really looking forward to the time when we can meet in person again. Virtual hugs all around!!!!!


September 2020

Sorry I didn't attend.  Still recovering from surgery.  In therapy and better now!!!!  

Many thanks to Susan Tesreau!!!  I hear the painting was a big success and I've seen some of the finished projects.  Good job all y'all!!!!!!

Many thanks to Sharron and Susan for their work on the website!

Be sure to check for Sharron's new matching game.

Everyone take care of yourselves!  Can't wait to see you all again!!!!



August 2020

Hi all,
Sorry I didn't attend the meeting.  5 days out from surgery and I was still feeling very sleepy and looking some what the worse for wear.😃.  Better now!!!!  The rotator cuff on the top was too far gone to use so Dr. Galland graphed a piece of "human derived tendon" to hold it all together.  Still can't move my arm much but am allowed to type as long as I keep my elbow close to my side.  If it hurts then I STOP!  PT will be delayed in order to give the tendon more time to heal.  Don't start PT until August 18.
Many thanks to Dianne Cantoni!!!  I hear the painting was a big success and I've seen some of the finished projects.  Good job all y'all!!!!!!
Many thanks to Heather also.  I appreciate you taking over for me!
Be sure to check out the website for Sharron's new matching game.  This is a hard one ladies!!!!!!!
I hope all will turn up for Susan Tesreau's fawn painting/mini seminar!  She has done a wonderful job of creating this beautiful painting and has worked hard to give us directions.  I hope I can wiggle a paint brush by then!!!!.
Everyone take of yourselves!  Can't wait to see you all again!!!!


July, 2020

Hi all,

The board has agreed to purchase a subscription to Zoom.  Susan Tesreau will be the host for the meetings and we will receive information from her before each meeting as to how to join the meeting. Please check that we have your correct email address so that you can participate.  We are finding that this is an acceptable way of meeting.  Not personal contact but at least we can see each other and chat as well as participate in the projects.  We are working on being able to record the painting sessions so that we can all finish the projects.

We had another fun and enjoyable Zoom meeting in June.  Les is a wonderful teacher and we are so fortunate to have her and that she is willing to share her talent and knowledge with us.  MANY THANKS, Les!!!!!!!!

The board has decided to cancel Baskets and Brunch for this year.  We are sorry to do this but it seems like the right thing to do.  We are hoping that next year will be better and we will be able to hold our major fundraiser.

We have scheduled a seminar with Carol Spohn for April 2021.  We have been assured that she will reschedule if necessary.  More about this later.

Y'all stay well and I hope we will be able to meet in person soon.  Seems like a long time since I've had hugs!!!! Here is a huge virtual hug for all of you❤️!

Send one back!!!!!

Stay safe and keep on painting!

June 2020
Hi all, I hope you are safe and well. 
The board has made the decision to cancel this year's Baskets and Brunch. I am really so sorry to have to do this but the board and I think it is the best way to proceed. All of the things that we have painted will keep and the tickets can reprinted. We still have to finish the jewelry box and Natalie is working on it. So hang on to your painted stuff, paint some more and we will have a chance to get together sometime soon I hope.

Trish told us that we have enough money in the treasury to hang on for a good while. We aren't spending any thing right now so we should be OK as far as money goes.

Please remember to join us for a Zoom meeting on June 20th. Les will be teaching that cute frog that we got at retreat. Margaret tells me that the new frogs have been ordered and should be arriving soon.

Susan still wants to teach us the adorable fawn that she painted for our "home grown seminar" and there will be more information about that soon. She is hoping to do it in two sessions. Get ready!!!

Y'all hang in there!!! Hopefully things will improve enough for us to venture out and maybe be able to get together near the end of the year. I hope and pray this will be so!!!!!!


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