Join Our Chapter

You must belong to the National
to join a local chapter. 

Great Reasons to join SDP:  

  • Support for our society
  • Four big issues of The Decorative Painter Magazine 
  • You are eligible to join your local chapter and it's exciting activities
  • Industry-wide Business and Teacher On line Business Resource access 
  • Teacher Development Program for excellence in teaching 
  • Annual Decorative painting Conference with classes, exhibits and trade shows
  • Members-only Resource Communications Center (purchase option)
  • Health Insurance (purchase option) 
  • Credit Card option 
  • SDP Member Scholarship Program 
  • Certification Program 
  • Web site and knowledgeable staff to serve you 
  • Validation for your passion.
Join Capital Area Decorative Artists, NC

CADANC Membership Application
$20.00 for 2022

Name:   ______________________________________________

Birthdate:   __________

Address:  _____________________________________________


Phone: ________________      Email:  _______________________

National Membership Number: ___________________________
(We MUST have proof of SDP membership for our records to meet National Bylaws, please send as soon as it arrives with your issue of the Decorative Painter for 2021)

Painting Media                 Level                                     Do you teach?

q  Acrylics                  ____________               ____________
q  Oils                        ____________               ____________
q  Watercolor              ____________               ____________
q  Other  __________________________________________
What skills or time would you be willing to share with the chapter?

(Please check one) New membership?    ________    Renewal membership?   ____________

Mail completed form above, and a copy of your 2021 SDP card, to:
Heather Branham, 38 Sandy Ridge Dr W, Clayton NC 27520-7234.

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