Program suspended until after COVID is no longer a health concern:

Please keep painting memory boxes for future use.

2021:  CADANC members currently support the Memory Box program.  Hand painted/decorated boxes are donated to area hospitals.  

The boxes are given to families who have lost a newborn, as a special place to keep mementos of the infant they lost.  Boxes to be painted may be picked up at Artful Endeavors, Liz Miller’s studio, and should be given to the Philanthropy Chair when completed.  Please be sure to paint the entire box (inside and bottom) and varnish it.   It is helpful if you will write on the bottom of the box:  Capital Area Decorative Artists, NC Memory Box Program.

Today (January 22, 2021), Trish Shaw brought out 12 Memory Boxes from Liz’s studio to my home.  I have placed cards in them and taken a photo.  They are really nice!!  Thank you to Carol Burns, Diane Wooldridge, Pat Reid.  You all are very creative in using paper napkins and tape around the outer edge of the lid.   Last year, I received 13 boxes.  We will check to see if the Women’s Center is receptive to receiving all 25 boxes.  They were not last year.  Tough times, I’m sure.  I will continue to store them until they are.


Jean Soehnlein, Philanthropy Chair


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